Corflu 22

Here are a few pictures I took at Corflu 22 (aka Corflu Titanium), February 25-27, 2005, at the Civic Center Holiday Inn in San Francisco, CA. Obviously no matter what camera a person has, said person is still more than capable of coming out with fuzzy pictures. It is quite marvelous when you can tell that the focus is great on the object behind the people. However with the new flash at least I don't have a red-eye problem in my fuzzy pictures. I decided to leave in some fuzzy ones, despite their fuzziness. I surely will get better at this, won't I? Corflu web site

Clicking on the pictures below should take you to a larger version.
I also have some notes on Corflu 22

Auction Jack Calvert and Dobson
Auction The Bushyagers
Allyn Cadogan Colin Hinz Cheryl and Stacy
Catherine Crockett D. Potter Dave Rike
David Bratman D.S. Black Eric Lindsay
Terry Floyds and son Gordon Eklund
Andy Hooper Hope Leibowitz Bill Humphries
Jeanne Bowman John Harvey Jerry Kaufman and Peter Weston
Murray Moore Tamara Vining Moshe Feder
Bill Kostura Randy Byers Debbie Notkin and Alan Bostick
Frank Lunney, Jay Kinney and the back of Ted White's head Ted White Tracy Benton
Pat Virzi and Bob Webber Art Widner and Dave Rike Art Widner
Ken and Aileen Formans And who
are you
looking at?

Gary S. Mattingly