Potlatch 14

Here are a few pictures I took at Potlatch 14 , March 4-6, 2005, at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in San Francisco, CA. I only attended on Saturday afternoon, March 5. I have some notes on Potlatch 14 at Potlatch 14: Not your quotidian Potlatch

Clicking on the pictures below should take you to a larger version.

Claire Brialey Mark Plummer Dave Clark
Dawn Plaskon Eileen Gunn Jeanne Gomoll
Mary Kay Kare Lenny Bailes John Berry and Claire Brialey
Neil Rest Nick Mamatas Terry Garey
Tom Whitmore Tom Becker Richard Kadrey
John Shirley Rudy Rucker Rudy Rucker and Michael Blumlein
Transrealism Panel

Gary S. Mattingly