Rocheport and Columbia, Missouri Visit
May 31 through June 3, 2001

The first night we stayed in the Schoolhouse Bed and Breakfast in Rocheport, Missouri. Here are a couple of views of the front. This picture to the left best shows the very top floor windows which was where our room was.

I decided I should take a picture of the front with the sign in it.
On the left front side of the building was a small patio which lead to a small bookstore which was housed in part of the basement.

To the right is a view of the back.

The downtown main street had a post office and a general store. It had a few other buildings but there really wasn't much there. To the left and right are pictures of the left and right windows of the general store.
This house was about a block away. I think it was someone's residence but I wasn't really sure.
The Katy trail passes through Rocheport.
To the left is a bridge along the trail.

To the right is a view from the bridge, looking toward the left. A creek, which feeds into the Missouri River, passes under the bridge.
Here are a couple of views of a tunnel farther down the trail.
Here's a picture of the back of the Bourgeois Bistro.
They have a vineyard there and we had some of their 1997 merlot which we thought tasted just fine.
This faces the Missouri. If I would have been paying more attention I could have put together a panoramic view. Oh well.

On to Columbia