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4 June 2004

Although I have updated Links and the Reading List I haven't actually done a journal entry here for a while.

I just had my Gardnerian 2nd degree elevation on 18 May 2004. I don't think I've missed a single coven gathering since I joined, except maybe one. This time I'm starting a bit quicker for my next degree, which is the third. Obviously still a multitude of things to learn but I think that's the way it always is, with everything. I think there's some quote about once you stop learning you start dying or something like that. Of course, once you start living you also start dying, so . . . .

I think I have HP duties for Summer Solstice/Litha/Lammas. I need to start thinking about what I want to do since that is less than three weeks away. I also may go up to Mt. Diablo on June 20th. I think there will be a group of people up there at 2 PM to celebrate.

I totally stopped my activity with COTG in eearly 2003, I think. I've now learned that COTG is no more. Not really sure as to the exact reasons but I think with many and possibly most covens there are cycles. Also people diverge on what they may think is interesting or best for the group.

I hardly got involved in planning for the Pagan Pride Day in San Francisco last year but did help during the day. I don't think I helped at all on the Interfaith Pagan Parade last year but I did help during the day for it this year. I like the Golden Gate Park site for Pagan Pride Day better, in many ways, than the location for the Interfaith Parade in Berkeley. My feet like the grass better than the concrete. Neverthless both were enjoyable, interesting and entertaining. It looks doubtful that anyone will step up to lead the San Francisco Pagan Pride Day this year. The committee is still holding fund raisers to try to recoup over $3000 that came out of individual's pockets. Planning has already started on next year's Berkeley Interfaith parade.

I'm still taking classes at the San Jose Metaphysical Book Shop. The current class is a three-evening course on Alchemy. Previous class was a three-evening one on Chaos Magick. Also attended a four-evening class on Qabalah. And yes, I did do the spell I mentioned in my November 2002 journal entry.

I attended the Spring Equinox in Berkeley this year to watch the Morris Dancers. It was at Inspiration Point in Tilden Park. The sunrise was great. It was a bit chilly and that is rather early to arise from sleep but I think it was worth it.

Went to several Pantheacons since November 2002. They're always enjoyable. Lots of things to see in the Dealer's Room and lots of interesting discussions, panels, workshops, music and more.

I started working with another coven that currently is eclectic but will probably become Gardnerian. Admittedly two covens, class, work and everything else can be a bit time-consuming. I hope I can keep everything going without creating too many or any problems.

I'm also still doing things in BAPA, Bay Area Pagan Assemblies. I'm one of the Directors and do membership duties plus try to put together some volunteer activities on a very irregular basis. My two-year term is up in June and I am not so sure that I will continue as a Director. Several people resigned and activity seems to be at a low level. I need to keep my activities at a reasonable level or else I wind up getting less done than I should. It is sort of like having a very cluttered room. If it is too cluttered you'll never be able to find things and you'll not get anything done.

I'm still growing quite a few herbs at home but now I need to study creating infusions, tinctures, balms, etc. I also need to learn more about the herbs I have and what part is used, how it is used, prepared, stored and for what it is used. I also still want to create a dark mirror but haven't quite gotten around to it yet. I'm still studying runes, tarot and a multitude of other things. I did finally get all the unread books off the floor and into shelves. I also finally finished a book on Greek Mythology. That took me forever. I don't know why. It wasn't that thick.

Well, this is short and I may add some to it later but I think I'll post it now and see how it looks.

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