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5 April 2002

Again a number of months have passed since the last entry. Since then I've attended a number of Esbats and Sabbats in the aforementioned Gardnerian group. I look forward to many more (and starting to work on my second degree.....) Yule was very enjoyable but I didn't expect the exchange of gifts particularly from other invited Gardnerians that were in other covens. These were primarily things people had made and I thought this was very nice. So now I'm starting to work on some things for the next Yule. This time I hope to be prepared.

I've been to a few more South Bay Circles open Sabbats but I've missed a couple for various reasons. I do hope to go again though. I've also attended all but one of the BAPA sponsored Gaia's Gateways which are all interesting. Why, I've even become the membership witch for BAPA.

In COTG I've joined a number of on-line classes, included classes on runes, tarot, greek gods/goddesses and herbs. The last one hasn't really started yet. The others keep me busy. I've missed several COTG gatherings and I do feel sorry about that. I really need to be careful about trying to do too many things.

Included in those too many things are the Snake Parade (whose web site I would give but it seems to have disappeared and the SF Bay Area Pagan Pride Day . The first already happened. I went to, um, three committee meetings and helped in various ways on the parade day. My primary function was public information and I passed out parade programs along the parade route. It was a very interesting event. There were probably 100 to 200 people in the parade and maybe double that at People's Park after the Parade where groups which were in the parade had brief presentations. It rained a little before the parade but as the day progressed the sun grew brighter and brighter. It was a very nice day.

The Pagan Pride Day does not happen until September 14. There have been 3 committee meetings (4 if you count the trip to Speedway Meadows in Golden Gate Park where the event is to be held) so far. Two performers have indicated that will perform and I'm trying to contact some others. I've contacted two possible speakers so far. Starhawk indicated she had something else scheduled and I'm still talking (aka emailing) Macha Nightmare about speaking. I've emailed two Morris Dance teams and they're thinking about performing. I also have to check with some drumming circles or drummers that might wish to attend.

I'm in the midst of reading a number of books on tarot, runes and Greek gods. The COTG classes noted above are still in their early stages. Probably the most material has been covered in the Runes class. I think the Greek class will be the hardest since there are so many good books on Greek Mythology and it will prove hard to read all the material and get a good handle on what is or is not good information on the gods and goddesses and how in the world can I summarize the material I'm reading.

Two good Rune books are The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes by Nigel Pennick and Thorsons Principles of Runes by Freya Aswynn. Three good tarot books are The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages by Paul Foster Case, The Thursday night Tarot, The weekly talks on the wisdom of the Major Arcana by Jason C. Lotterhnad who lives as he speaks. Simply., edited by Arisa Victor and Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, A Book of Tarot by Rachel Pollack

Still haven't done very much on practicing Theban. I've actually studied Runes to a much greater extent and am trying to memorize the Greater Futhark.

Attended Pantheacon in February in San Jose. That was very entertaining. No major activites now until the Pagan Pride Day in September. If I'm not too burned out I'll way to go to the Sacramento Pagan Pride day the next weekend.

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