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5 December 2001

A number of months have passed since the last entry. Since then I underwent the Gardnerian initiation for first degree. I've also attended a Gardnerian group's gathering for Mabon and for the full moon in November. I'm invited to their Yule gathering and their full moon gathering in January. I look forward to them. Also went to a full moon gathering with COTG and several sabbats at South Bay Circles and all the Gaia's Gateways put on by BAPA since June. I have everything necessary for doing circles at home also and have done several since June

Things are going along smoothly but a little slowly. Read Pendulum Magic by D. J. Conway but still need to actually try some of the divinations he describes. Finished a book on Tarot but also need to do some (many?) spreads to attempt to get a very basic practical feeling.

Have printed out some pages to start practicing Theban but haven't actually started yet.

Attended the Eleusynian Mysteries put on by NROOGD in the Oakland Hills. It was very interesting but was a little cold in a toga and a little dark to see everything. Have my membership for Pantheacon in February in San Jose. Looking forward to that.

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Gary S. Mattingly