Wiccan Exploration - Mirrors, Smoke and Shadows

6 June 2001

Last night, Tuesday, 5 June, 2001, did my first circle at home. Consecrated boline and athame (2 actually). The night before I had buried the boline and athames. Wasn't entirely sure whether one night was sufficient nor whether the timing was right. In one book I had read that they should be buried for the period between full moon and new moon. Therefore I also took them to the Alameda Creek near Sunol and immersed them in the creek. Again a little uncertain whether a creek is okay or whether a spring is more appropriate but since I didn't know where a nearby spring might be I figured this would have to do. I did this because I bought these as opposed to actually making them myself.

Last night was the full moon so I guess this is my first Esbat. Didn't do any magic(k). Meditated a little while in the circle. Even did cakes and ale (Vanilla Wafers and some Merlot actually) and I didn't forget libations. It wasn't flawless nor without certain missteps but I think it was okay. I definitely have to do this on a continuing basis until I can do it as flawlessly as possible. I think this means memorizing all the appropriate words too. That will take a while.

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Gary S. Mattingly