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14 April 2007

Again it has been an interminable time between postings here. Thought I should at least post this one entry, very belatedly.

I had my Gardnerian 3rd degree elevation on Wednesday 15 February 2006. It took a bit longer than I had anticipated but I'm here now. Thanks go out to all who have helped me on this path and to this goal.

I've still missed very few gatherings. I've gone to the last two Pantheacons. I went to a Gardnerian Elder gathering earlier this year and today I went to a gathering of Gardnerians in the Bay Area. Very enjoyable. Don Frew and Anna Korn gave excellent and educational presentations at both Gardnerian gatherings and at the Pantheacons. It's amazing how much information they've gathered. Thanks also should go to all of the people who rented the hall and prepared all the food, prepared name tags and everything else.

I helped on the Pagan Alliance Parade in Berkeley last year and the year before and will, in all likelihood, help again this year. I prefer to maintain myself in the menial tasks role, helping set-up, cleanup, run errands, etc. I'm just not up to all the time and responsibility that is required for doing more. Great praise should go to those who do devote all that time.

I did not run to be a a Director for BAPA after my term ended. Currently activity in BAPA is relatively non-existent. Gaia's Gateways stopped. The PO Box expired and rent for the next year was not paid. In my opinion this is a bit depressing but again I haven't the energy to do anything about it. Several other people put in a lot of energy to try to keep it running but several, that is two or three, is totally not sufficient.

I'm still growing herbs and still need to study more both on the growth of herbs and the use of herbs. Actually there are innumerable things I would like to study. Time and energy seem to be lacking.

Well, a short entry again. My apologies.

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Gary S. Mattingly