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19 March 2001

Still reading and gathering. Currently reading Meditation for Dummies by Stephan Bodian. It is interesting but I'm still uncertain whether what I'm doing is correct. Of course, I think the book says there is no "correct way". Currently I'm trying to meditate fiften to thirty minutes per day. So far it has been sometime between 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM. One problem is being tired and sleepy at that time of day. Another problem is not being able to assume full lotus, only quarter lotus. I suppose this isn't really a problem, just something that would be nice to accomplish. Started a dream diary too. This is supposed to help meditation plus I would eventually like to attempted guided dreaming (or whatever it's called).

Went through a dedication ceremony at the Wicca 101 class to dedicate myself to studying the ways of wicca. There were 12 people. Two were the HP and HPS (Now I'm not certain about the abbreviations. That's supposed to be High Priest and High Priestess.)

This coming weekend I'll attend the public Ostara rite put on by South Bay Circles. It will be my second circle with them. I just have to figure out what to make for their pot luck.

Obviously a lot of time has passed since the initial page on this topic. Since then I started the Wicca 101 class and have continued reading. Joined BAPA (Bay Area Pagan Assemblies) and attended one of there Gaia's Gateway meetings, which was about rites of Wiccan initiaion and then a circle. This was done by Valerie Voight who follows in the Fairy tradition. The Gaia Gateway presentation for March, 2001, is on Celtic Irish creation myths followed by a visualization to meet the Mother Goddess Danu. The presentation will cover the Tuatha De Danaan, their migration to Ireland, and their adventures therein, March 25th. This presentation will be by Roger Schuelke.

Also attended two days of Pantheacon in San Francisco. That was very interesting. Attended a Bast Rite one evening. Attended a path working or guided meditation (I guess). Attended part of a panel with Robert Anton Wilson but didn't really feel that I was getting anything out of it so I went to the Raven Grimassi panel on the moon and the Goddess. Found that a lot more interesting. Also attending a panel on animal healing. Haven't really put that into practice yet. Another panel was on monitoring the person into whom the God or Goddess was invoked. There were a lot of interesting comments from the people attending that one.

Attended one meeting of Redwood Groves, which is part of Circle of The Goddess (COTG), group. That meeting was on astrology. It was quite interesting. There were only about 5 people attending. There are supposed to be more meetings but the person who leads it moved and a new location for the meetings still seems very uncertain. There are supposed to be more meetings on astrology and then Qabalah.

Still looking for the right athame. I bought some supplies to build a besom (aka broom) but haven't done it yet. Bought a pentacle (two actually), a cauldron, bowls for water and salt, a chalice, a couple of bells, candles for marking north, south, east and west for a circle, more candles and holders, various types of incense, some oils, two new tarot decks, two sets of runes, a zafu for meditation, some CDs with various meditation music and guided meditation, like Hemi-Sync, and a small statue of the god and a small statue of the goddess. Have to consecrate some things. Actually I did buy two knives I was going to use for an athame and a bolline. However the athame has one edge that is serrated and I was told that might not be appropriate. Also the bolline has a plastic handle and the athame also has a man-made (not natural) handle. I suppose I could use these until I get something that I think is just right, especially since that might take a little while. Saw one athame on the web that seems perfect but can't get the owner of the web site to respond to me.

On books, I'll post a more complete list soon but I did finish True Magick, A Beginner's Guide, by Amber K.

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