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22 June 2001

Last night, Thursday, 21 June, 2001, did my second circle at home. This was for Midsummer Solstice or Litha. I did the same circle opening and closing (mainly Gardnerian) as last time. Added a summer solstice rite from Scott Cunningham's book, Wicca: A Guide for a Solitary Practitioner. Last night was also the new moon. The rite was, to a certain extent, a banishing. I figured my current virus would be a really good thing to banish. For cakes and ale had more merlot and cookies but added strawberries I picked from the garden earlier in the evening. Had dried lavendar, yarrow, chamomille, and some rose petals for the banishing. I think I need to dry them more because they didn't burn too well. There were fewer missteps in doing the circle but I still need to memorize things.

Patty also picked some herbs (sage, yarrow, lavendar, chamomille and possibly some others) this evening for drying for the future. She doesn't participate in circle but she is very helpful.

One thing I was trying to figure out was that I think that the cauldron is for water but also is called for burning things. Wonder if I can have two cauldrons. Actually last night I used a small bowl for water and a cauldron for burning.

Busy weekend coming up. South Bay Circles is having their public circle for Litha on Saturday. COTG is having a gathering on Saturday. Someone from work is having people over (not for Litha although they did mention the Summer Solstice. I doubt they're doing a circle . . .) Also an annual summer solstice bbq at the house of some friends (also no circle). Then Saturday BAPA has their monthly Gaia's Gateway and a business meeting. And there is the last Xena episode on Saturday night.

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